Still writing

Throwback is live, I hope those of you who have read it, like it. And thank you for being interested. I took a break for a while, to relax and recover from that journey, but I wanted everyone to know that I am still writing. I have a few projects that I’ve begun, from sci-fi to historical fiction, to, of course, post apocalypse.

In light of the world today, perhaps writing about a zombie plague isn’t the smartest idea, but it was something I have always wanted to to try. As a voracious reader, I have loved the genre, but almost always I became disappointed with the writing in it. Personally, I disliked those stories where the hero is invariably some ex-soldier who has amassed all the supplies and training to survive and thrive in a world where those skills are paramount.

I asked myself, why make another prepper shopping catalog disguised as fiction? So the challenge I have given myself is, what if you’re caught in the crossfire of a superbug that makes people rabid, but you’re only 9 years old?

Time will tell, this kid is pretty smart.