Now in these stores

Well this is new. You can find FlashBack around the world now.
Available from these ebook stores:
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Scribd !ndigo Angus & Robertson Mondadori Store Vivlio
If your preference leans toward print, you can get either a 9×6 trade paperback or a 5×8 pocketbook. Both are currently available at Amazon.
More stores (and more offerings!) are coming soon. I have a lot of new things to share and I cannot wait to tell!

World events

Well, the pandemic is putting a crimp in things for all of us, but I found that the couple of hundred pages I have written on virus-laden zombies now needs a rework. 🙂

You may have noticed my book page is no longer on Facebook, and my twitter feed is gone as well. I found both to be enormously distracting therefore I decided to take a social media break for a bit so I can work on writing.

As you can also see I have a new domain, and I hope to consolidate all my various websites to come to here eventually. Stay tuned!

Confessions, a short story

Two years ago my friend Shae Mills induced me to write and enter a short-story contest for the Surrey Writer’s Conference here in BC. I didn’t win. And being new to writing for an audience, plus with Flashback being my primary focus at the time, I had forgotten about it.

Time went past, as it does. A few days ago I was reminded of it and dusted it off. It read well (which isn’t always the case when you leave your words alone for a while), so I decided that I should share it with the world.

Here is “Confessions” available exclusively at Amazon and KDP Select.

“Good enough is not good enough”

Hi folks, I thought I would let you all know that I had an interview recently with my local paper about Flashback. I am very excited about it, and I hope you have a read.

Throwback is coming along nicely. I thought I had finished it, but it wasn’t exactly how I had picture it in my head and I want this book to shine like Flashback does. Some polish and extra attention will make that happen. I want to thank everyone for their patience and continued support.

As a small tease, I will say that Ondy shows up A LOT in this book. 🙂 I received many notes about him in book 1, so I am happy he is returning. As you know, I only write what my characters decide to tell me, and he has a lot to say this time around.

Here is the article that came out today. I hope you like it! My Interview